Unwanted X-Ray through material


I am modelling analien egg.

I put an spotlamp into the inside of the egg and
added some holes into the egg so that an ancient
can shine through the holes from the inside.

The lamp is a spot lamp with halo and rayshadow set.
The material was tried doublesided and not doublesided
(is this “singlesided”?) Traceable and Shadow are also set.
There are three textures applied to this material.

But regardless what I was trying until now, the light
hoes directly through the material as it would be
transparent or simply not there.

Where the heck is the switch to make it solid? :slight_smile:

have a nice and blended day!

Turn on the “HaloStep” parameter on the lamp.

0 means off, and the halo is full.
1 is best quality but slowest, higher numbers are faster but less accurate.

Hi Phlip,

thanks for your reply !

Now I have the folowing situation: With halostep 0
the light goe through evrything and with halostep 1
it goes through nothing…even the hole I cut into the
egg became solid.

Sigh…why all these tricks and not simply what one would expect from light ? Lastly I had a fight with the
blender “knife”-tool…it does not cut but subdivide.
When I cut my bread with a knife…it is cut, not subdivided…

Happy blendering,

The knife tool - there is an option to kife at midpoints (subdivide) or knife exact (what you want).

I tdoes take some work, but I’ve come to accept that the knife isn’t a tool for dividing an object or mesh, but just defining new points. However, after defining these points you can use the Split (Y key) function to separate a mesh within the same object, or the Separate function (P key) to separate the selected vertices into a separate object.

TallGuy, what he wants is not just defining where the new points will be made, but automatically splitting the object along the edges of the knife tool, which Blender does not currently support. I agree it would be a good feature, but I don’t think it should replace the existing Knife tool, which many users are accustomed to. Maybe an addition to the tool to automatically split the mesh along the knife?

Are the holes actual holes in the mesh geometry? Or just an texture with an alpha channel?

I think it needs to be the former for halostep to work.

Hi Kharon,

I meant, that there too many things in blender, which needs to be “experienced”. In first glance a knife is meant to cut someting…in blender it does not.

A light is expected to be blocked by material and going through hole…but in blender…you need extra settings and tweaks.

The size of an object iin blender is not its size…it is a scale
factor…and area lamps have even two sozes (named identically) which different meaning.

One needs to look too often into scattered documentytions for too simple things.

Look at this forum. How often do newbies like me are asking for things like:
How to make Chrome?
How to make Shadows?
How to … <more simple things>.

I understand that blender IS complex, since rendering is complex…but complexitiy should start at complex tasks.
And the defaults should be as one would expect from her/his exoereince from real life.

No extra buttons to /enable/ shadows…there should be extra buttons for /disbaling/ shadows.

Why to have halo lights which goes through everything by default? Why not to have normal light behaviour by default and a button to enable these X-ray behaviour ???

Or am I simply too stupid for all this?
Am /i/ to simplex for that compexity ?

Ah…be the way: The alien egg has physical holes (missing faces). But there seem “to be solid” for the light.

Happy rendering!

Hi mcc,
I can understand your remarks about the gap between real life experience and the handling of a software like blender. But as in “real life” when you start out a big project you don´t start with a finished work but you move from some crude framework towards perfection.
Same with blender. I am a newbie to blender, too, and I have to deal with the same problems you quote, but I am also amazed what you already can do with it with veryl little effort. And when you compare the new 2.4 with older versions you definitely see that they are moving towards where you want them to be.
Maybe sometime in the future you can connect your brain to the GUI and just think your models :wink: , just a matter of time!