Unwarpping Battlement

Hi everyone,

i try to texture my tower and run into a problem i cannot solve.

I googled alot but cannot find something appropriate.

I want to unwrap the battlement at the top of my tower.

How can i make i so that the texture tiling fits the unwarped part?

the problem seems to be that the tower is round and this results in not matching uv maps.

what i try:
unwrap with seems, cube projection and everyting else out there i could click.
As i am not a blender pro please give me some guided answeres.

Thank you verymuch!

You just can’t avoid seam in this case, but You can make it least obvious.
And You should do id just by placing seams in least visible places.
Eg. Since model is mostly viewed from side and not from top you can use just one vertical seam and more horizontal ones.