Unwarpping Vehicle

Hi people, I’ve modeled a simple Bradley fighting vehicle model and I would like to bake textures (unwrap for that) to further edit them in photoshop and that put them back in blender to make the textures look better.

The problem is that I am not good at all the unwrapping stuff, and I couldn’t find the answer in tutorials - every time I unwrap, I end up with a confusing pattern of faces in which I have no idea which is the front, back and sides of my model.:no: I have also tried seams, but they seem to be having no effect on the unwrapping result. So the question is what is the best way to unwrap the mesh of a vehicle/person/ any object where I will know what is back/front/forward of the model.


Try cutting your model into sections with seams. You can make an entire edge loop into a seam and it will seperate that piece from the rest of the mesh in UV unwrap. You can always selec faces on your model with the UV editor up to see which faces are which on the UV map.

Ah, thanks, so there’s no more professional better way to unwrap. I actually got the seams working sortof, but im still not sure what are most of the unwrapping methods for: I only understand basic Unwrap function. Thanks for advice :wink:

Yes, use seams they are very powerful. Remember that you can select one face and press L (link) and it will select all faces within those seams. Very powerful and fast tool, use it. :slight_smile:

Ah, thanks for that - thats a really useful tool for different sides of my vehicle!