Unweighted vertices

Hello, Can somebody help me how can I find the unweighted vericles ?

To see what vertices have weight and the ones that don’t just go into weigh mode either by pressing ‘Ctrl+Tab’ or clicking onto it’s icon in down left side of the tab where it usually indicates if you’re in Object or Edit mode. Once you’re in weight mode, depending on the objects mesh. You’ll see variety of colors from blue, yellow, green and red. The blue represents ‘0 weight’ and the red ‘100 weight’ that is the min and the max, everything in between is other colors.

Please, next time be a little bit more specific why you need this.

One drawback to viewing weights in WP mode is that very low weight values, which can have a significant effect under some circumstances, are almost indistinguishable from zero weight, meaning no influence at all on the vertex. You can check individual vertex weights by vertex group in the 3D Window’s Properties panel, sub-section Vertex Weights. A selected vertex having any weight in a vertex group, even if it is 0, lists those weights. If a vertex group is not listed, the selected vertex isn’t in that group, which is a effective weight of 0 for that group (no influence). I don’t know of a means to highlight all vertices with weight zero because the weights are assigned according to vertex group, so any one vertex can have many weights associated with, including zero.

WOW, I just found a new tool! In the Weight Painting Options tab is a triad of buttons marked “Show Zero Weights” – all zero weight vertices in either the Active or All groups can be turned solid black! Excellent!