UNWELD script : 2005/10/23 release

As if a node were unlinked, only one face’s corner is detached, the rest of the face remains connected to the mesh.

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Name: ‘Unweld’
Blender: 237
Group: ‘Mesh’
Tip: ‘V0.4.6 : Unweld all faces from a (or several) selected and common vertex. Made vertex bevelling’


Un-Weld script 0.4.6 beta

Tip= ‘Unweld all faces from a selected and common vertex. Made vertex bevelling’

split all faces from one selected vertex

© 2004-2005 J-M Soler released under Blender Artistic License


Official Page :

website = ‘http://jmsoler.free.fr/didacticiel/blender/tutor/cpl_faces2vertex.htm#Unweld

Communicate problems and errors on:

community = ‘http://www.zoo-logique.org/3D.Blender/newsportal/thread.php?group=3D.Blender

Blender Artistic License





25/05 :

– separate choise, normal (same place) or spread at random, middle of the face

– works on several vertices too

– Quite vertex bevelling on <<lone>> vertex : create hole in faces around this


03/06 :

– a sort of “bevelled vertex” extrusion controled by horizontal mouse

displacement. just a beta test to the mouse control.

08/08 :

– minor correction to completely disconnect face.


Page officielle :


Communiquer les problemes et erreurs sur:


Blender Artistic License





25/05 :

– separation du choix, normal ou dispersion hasardeuse,

milieu de face

– sommets multiples /

– presque unvertex bevelling sur un vertex solitaire : cree

un trou dans la facette autour du sommet

03/06 :

– une sorte de vertex extruder en biseau, controle par

deplacement horizontal de la souris

08/08 :

– correction mineure pour s’assurer que les faces soient

entierment deconnectees


I am confused, what does this do?

Exactly the opposite of the alt-m in edit mode.

1/ select just one point shared by several faces,


2/ exit edit mode,
3/ do alt-p on the script
then try to move this point …


another awesome script,…that looks great.
<edit> were you playing with UV nodes when you thought of this?

just a note on usage:

  1. select the vertice you want to seperate in edit maode
  2. return to object select mode
  3. alt-P

Not, in fact, I was modelling a frog.

I did a “strategic” error extruding two squares,


and 6 faces remained connected by the same vertex.
if you see the problem…

I thought that writing a tool to disconnect all these faces
would be helpfull and more funny than making a
poor frog. So…


I think they should add this into the next release. seems like it could have no end of uses.

Thank you, boy I sure needed this in the past a couple of times.

Small request (I think): Could you make this work for multiple vertices?
Now you can only unweld one vertice at a time.

yes, good idea:


I tried to use this script to extrude faces, a function that (as far as I know) doesn’t exist in Blender. Because when you Alt-S a mesh now, the mesh becomes fatter, instead of having all kinds of pointy things coming out of it. This is because when Alt-S-ing a mesh no extra vertices are added, which is necessary to extrude faces. I hoped this script could generate those extra vertices, but it gave weird results :frowning:
But I’m sure the script could be very useful for subsurfing and stuff :wink:

This not a work you can do with this script but with this one:

Sorry, I knew of that script, but seeing all those fancy plant-like thingies made me forget it could be used for basic extruding too :expressionless:


Egg you can extrude a face using alt s by

  1. Select vertices of face.
  2. hit e. yes. click left mouse without moving
  3. alt s and your face will extrude in or out depending on how you move your mouse.

extreme script - I adopted earlier version to work with older 2.3x blenders - those little blender-alert-popups are fancy as hell :slight_smile: I will follow your lead and use them in my little scripts - javascript for blender :slight_smile:

javascript %|

cool! this should certaintly be in the next release. its very cool.

I know, but you can’t extrude all faces of a mesh at the same time, to make ehm…, spikey stuff :slight_smile: The tesselate script is my solution.

I know, but you can’t extrude all faces of a mesh at the same time, to make ehm…, spikey stuff :slight_smile: The tesselate script is my solution.

you should use this one:

from this site : http://hp.home.chez.tiscali.fr/re_illusion/python.htm

easy to use