Unwished Hologram-effect

Today I returned from Geneva, the CERN, which was a 4-day class-trip. COOL!

As we were about 17 years old, we had a lot ‘useless’ fun, and decided to make a movie about things we learnt / saw in Geneva. One of them was particle annihilation: A particle and its anti-twin collide and vanish, leaving a lot of energy.

This was what I came up with, with the footage I had:

  • Video of some empty place, then friends running into eachother.

This video was .mod format, which isn’t supported by blender. So I changed it into avi, and it worked. Well, almost. When showing fast moving objects, you get some kind of ‘hologram-effect’. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks in advance!

(Wow, I start to learn more & more about blender: Modelling --> Animating --> game design --> video editing :slight_smile: )


It looks like the effect you get in Blender when you press the “fields” button in the render panel.

Which is turned off… So that can’t be it…
But thanks for the try :stuck_out_tongue:

This is showing your footage is interlaced so it looks better on SD tv’s :
I’m not near my computer atm, so… see if you can do something like the following :
I seem to remember there being a button next to wherever you import a video (like interlaced, or ODD or something like that, ) try pressing that button
In essence you should “'de-interlace” your video
-hope that helps

I added the video in the sequence editor by pressing “Space” --> “Add Sequence Strip” --> Movie + audio.

I found an “ODD” button in the render panel (between “field” and “x”) but no matter what combination I tried, it didn’t seem to work…

If anyone wants a sample of the movie to play with, just ask :slight_smile:

Select the strip on the sequencer timeline, go to the strip properties panel, and select filter. This is the deinterlace filter. It may not work, however, if the clip isn’t truly interlaced. That is, if the interlacing artifacts (that’s what you’re seeing) were “baked” into the strip when it was created, you might not get the results you want. In that case, you might have better luck loading the clip into the compositor and adding a blur node.

Built-in deinterlacing (removing comb artifacts) in the Sequencer (v2.46):

Add your movie strip to the Sequencer, then press F10 until you see the Filter panel. Turn on the FilterY button (tooltip: “For video movies to remove fields”). I think it applies a one-pixel vertical blur to smooth out the artifacts. You can do this in the compositor as mawilson suggests.

You could also capture the video at 1/2 resolution (e.g. 288 lines for NTSC) if appropriate for your project.

Mawilson & CD38, thanks for pointing out the Filter-Y. It did make it a bit better, but to be honest I’m still not satisfied (A)
Maybe it has to do with blender importing the movie? Should I try something else than a .avi? (It was originally a .mod, changed it to .avi simply by renaming it. .mp2 worked as well, but not for blender)

I think a friend of mine has recorded this as well, I’ll try it with her footage as well (as soon as I have it)


If you can go back to the raw footage andd recapture it, you will may have better results using different capture settings. If you can deinterlace as it is captured, then you won’t have any of these difficulties when you get to Blender. You might also try renaming the file to .mpg instead of mp2. Blender seems to have name issues.
From your example, it looks to me like the original file is not truly interlaced. That is, an interlaced source has been converted to a non-interlaced file simply by joining the two fields in one progressive frame without applying any kind of deinterlacing. That’s the “baking” I referred to earlier.
How are you capturing this footage into the computer?
I’d be happy to play around with this a bit if you can make a sample available.

Ok… I didn’t understand everything you said, but it sounds ok :stuck_out_tongue:

How are you capturing this footage into the computer?
I just recorded the video with our videocamera, which saved it as .mod file. (Note, there is one file accompanying each .mod file, it’s a .MOI)

I just copied them from my camcorder to my laptop (the back-up function didn’t seem to work, neither could I find an ‘official’ way of importing the videos)

THen I just renamed the file from bakajaiojb.mod to adfjad.avi.

I sent you a pm with the file.