Unwrap and bake long meshes

hi, im making mansion for a game. i wanna bake my meshes one piece but in the game its look trash but if i cut walls into pieces and making them square they looking good. how i can bake them without cutting ?

i wanna bake like this

maybe rethink you UV map ?

Hi there,
I know you mentioned “without cutting”, and you do not really need a lot of edge loops, only a few seams.
As I see, it is a shrubbery wall kinda thing. Now those should be big chunks of shrubs anyways right?

So I marked seams so it looks like a towel wrapped around the sections, and deleted the bottom faces by the way. Some corners are not part of this but should not really matter in my opinion.

If you use procedural textures, you can spart unwrap, but with a simple image it is pretty good already, of course you can tweak further :slight_smile:

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