Unwrap doesn't produce a map

Hi folks.

I’m just looking at UV maps for the first time, I’m following a tutorial on y.t. which seems fairly simple, however when I hit U and select unwrap nothing is produced, no map shows up in the UV window which I have open. There is nothing in the drop down to select other than Render Result.

Anyone have any ideas?


you have to select your faces in 3 D view I think

you could also sync the UV and 3D view
check the icon for sync on bottom header in UV editor

happy bl

Delete the ‘Render Result’ with the X button

Thanks guys, I managed to get the map in there, but I can’t remember how! Maybe I should go to bed. I will continue to work at it.

Just quickly Richard, the delete either from the keys or the button on the tool bar work, the list selection is moved to the next, but the image remains.