Unwrap fur?

Hello I got a seamless fur texture that I would like to wrap around the lynx that I have modeled. I don’t want to use seams to divide the model up because then there will be cracks in the texture. The problem is that if I try to use the UV editor to unwrap it Some parts of the texture gets blurred, the legs and the head.

So I can’t use the UV editor right. Then I have to use materials to somehow bake it? I’m very bad at this stuff. But how can I get a seamless fur texture all over the model and size it up so it’s not just on each face, without getting it blurred. Then maybe have a second Uv layer on top of the first layer. Then merge the layers in the end and back it onto a UV map without getting cracks in the texture?

Is it even possible?


lynx.blend (325 KB)