Unwrap incorrect Blender 2.49

What am I doing wrong?
Unwrap is a disproportionate and a broken.


You may want to read what i wrote there:

May be there is the answer to your other post too.
(remove double / after apply mirror modifier)

Ok, thank you.

I’m afraid that I could not find a solution even from your message.
The fact that the mirror modifier is absent already. But I tried to remove one side of a mesh, then make sure it is clean, then create a Mirror modifier and apply it. Result is the same.
What should I do?

I decided to issue, thanks!

I think you need need to create/mark seams before you unwrap. Watch the blendercookie tutorial on unwrapping a head.

Are you using conformal method to unwrap? Look at the bottom of the unwrapping toolbar (T-key), change angle to conformal. I find conformal works better for organic models.

It may also help to view the model face-on, unwrap from view, pin all the high-density face vertices (eyes/nose/mouth, which will be symmetrical already), then unwrap again.

View the Blendercookie tutorial btw, it is excellent

Edit: Sorry, I didn’t see you are using 2.49. I think the Conformal/Angle dropdown is in the Edit buttons (F9), UV Calculation panel. How quickly we forget!

Atom i did, i did.

CD38 thanks for reply. Yes, i used angle dropdown method. Necessarily i will testing conformal :slight_smile: