unwrap is goofy!


Is there a way to unwrap a human, after lots of seams are made, so that the matching, mirrored parts are the same size in the uvimage editor?

The come out almost the same size, but I still have to move every vert and flip them to match them upā€¦:frowning:

Its a lot of mouse wrist action even for a low poly characterā€¦ what if it was 4000 faces insteadā€¦

I think I would go crazy before I ever got it doneā€¦

Oh wait, I am crazy ā€¦ :yes:

Iā€™m still trying to unwraps a head model - from what I gather in my research - thereā€™s no easy way!

it works very well and keep to try each part at the same size (not exactly but it s quite proportional.

How aboutā€¦ unwrap firstā€¦ then apply the mirror modifierā€¦ that way the two sides will be identical.

yes, but you still have to move the verts to match both halves of whateverā€¦even if you mirrorā€¦

Youd think that after you mirrored the model building it, that unwrap would be able to unwrap it correctly.

Try this:
Instead of making seams, select a row of faces that separates the mesh along the front/back dividing line. Switch to UV Face Select. In front view, Unwrap>>project from view.

You should get a row of faces defining the outline of your mesh, and it should be symettrical. You may need to tweak this so there are no overlapping faces in the UV Editor window. Pin all vertices.

Return to Edit mode, and select all the faces in the front of the mesh. Switch back to UV Face Select. This time, just unwrap. The front half of your mesh should now be symettrically unwrapped. You may have a few overlapping faces to fix, but thereā€™s probably a whole lot less of that than what you were faced with before.

Return to Edit Mode, do W>>Select Swap to get the back half of the mesh selected. Switch back to UV Face Select and unwrap the back half.

This method will work for parts of the mesh that are facing front or back, but not on parts that are at angles, such as the hands and feet. These youā€™ll probably have to unwrap separately.

Hmmm I will try thatā€¦

so far, I am just using selecting my groups divided by seams you know L over the area, then unwarp it.

For some reason blender wants to lay everything on its sideā€¦so you have to rotate them 90 degrees (wheres the degree mark on the keyboard/).

I divided only at the shoulders and center backā€¦so the unwrap keeps them almost correct. after you rotate then grab one and mirror on the x. the i drag it over the other and then rotate it to matchā€¦

sometimes scaling helpsā€¦ then run all over the verts like thisā€¦ a to unselectā€¦ bb to select a group of vertsā€¦w1 to weld them

then a ā€¦bbā€¦w1ā€¦aā€¦bbā€¦w1ā€¦

Next time i will try what you mentionedā€¦ on the bad guy modelā€¦

thanks for the help I really appreciate it