Unwrap Me - Automatic seam generation and more (Try Before You Buy | $)

There’s no difference, but I trust those that feel they got something of value to buy it so that I can continue making improvements and more add-ons.


IMPORTANT FOR USERS OF VERSION 0.4 (before Blender Market update)

I planned to release an update to move existing users to the Blender Market version, but because this would require the script to delete folders and mess around with the existing files, for safety reasons I’ve changed my mind.

So you will need to do it manually, the steps are simple:

  1. Remove your installed plugin

  2. Delete the C:\ProgramData\MemmGraphics folder.

  3. Install the updated addon from here. As a normal Blender addon.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Hello first time user =)
I did found it somewhat difficult to unwrap this model with the addon. And recently I started calling it auto UW breaker:
autoUVbreaker.fbx (264.3 KB)
I wonder how would the settings need to be to unwrap it more easily :slight_smile:

I hope you don’t mind I made a small video of one way to do it. My plugin supports both automated and semi-automated workflows. The reason is because I wanted to give artists more control, because automated unwrappers don’t think like an artist.

I also got decent results using Procedural algorithm with 0.20 developability, which did it completely automatically but needed some overlaps removed (which my plugin can do).

I did make an extra cut to break the cylinder, this is something my plugin doesn’t yet support (but cylindrical detection is something I’m working on).

And I found a small bug, thank you for that, before you use Remove UV Chart Overlaps be sure to turn on UV Sync Selection, I’ll need to fix that. :slight_smile:

Hope it helps.

PS: “Extra Charts” automatically creates extra charts to fill holes, so if you want charts to ONLY be created where you selected faces turn it down to 0 like I did in the video.


Of course I’m buying this aweomse looking addon as we speak. You trust us – we support you (the way it’s supposed to be). Good luck with your BM sales and further dev!

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This looks awesome. Once you release a linux version, I’m getting it.

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@HCederblad Thank you very much, the support and kind words mean more to me than you know.

@Renzatic I will do my best to have a Linux release within the next few weeks.

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Nice! I look forward to it. :smiley:

It’s a little hard to understand what is happening since the video is choppy :frowning: But will try to recreate your way from the description :slight_smile:

I now have more detailed documentation on the Blender Market page, click here.

get this error, don’t know what is wrong

Can you tell me what operating system and CPU you are running? Also your Blender version, thanks.

thank you for fast response , my pc is old hp z800 ,cpu 2x E5640 , gpu nvidia 1080 ti , 32 gb ram ddr3

And what’s your OS and Blender version?

oh sorry , windows 10 64 bit 22h2 last update , blender 3.4,

Strange, I can’t see any obvious reasons it wouldn’t work. We’ll have to investigate, but it’s late here so I’ll PM you for more info after I get some sleep. For now try closing all Blender instances, re-open it, then delete the addon, and install it again.

Also did you upgrade from version 0.4 of Unwrap Me?

If you get a (DLL) initialization routine failed error it may be because your CPU doesn’t support AVX, in which case you can grab this temporary release from here. At least until I come up with a more general solution. Most common CPUs shouldn’t have this problem though.

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yes my cpu CPU doesn’t support AVX , temporary release works , thank you for great work and very quick response

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Unwrapping over half a million faces with a few clicks.


If you’re using Blender on Linux, on a PC, and would like to help me test an experimental Linux release please PM me.