Unwrap mesh to 3D viewport?

I’m interested in unwrapping an object, like UV unwrapping. However, I want to keep the unfolded geometry in the 3D viewport. I’m wanting to be able to export the geometry as a DXF to LibreCAD so I can use it for laser-cutting at the digital fabrication shop on my university campus.

I’m very happy with the unwrapping tools available for UV texturing, but I can’t think of a way to keep the unwrapped mesh in the 3D space. I’m assuming there’s some command I don’t know about?

I really don’t think that a function to convert UV to geometry exists in Blender. However, I found a rather simple way.

You can export the UV map as SVG from the UV Editor… and import the SVG file as 3D geometry. You select all in Object mode, convert to mesh [ALT C], join into a single object. [CTRL J] You select all in Edit mode, convert the triangles to quads [ALT J] and then remove the doubles. [W] (The order is important.) Here we are! You have your UV map as a very clean mesh in the viewport.

This isn’t exactly as easy as pushing a button but it’s easy to understand… and to do.

Note: About the UV export. There is an addon for that. I don’t know if it’s activated by default, it was in my configuration. There is just an entry in the UVs menu (Export UV Layout) which doesn’t say anything about the export format. It can be changed only from the file selector.

Oh. Exporting an SVG from the UV map viewer seems fine. LibreCAD can import SVGs, so I wouldn’t need to do an extra conversion step in blender. I’m thinking about somewhat simple geometry with a lot of flat n-gons. Hardly any topology.

As for the paper export script-- Does that provide noticeably more accurate results compared to unwrapping with the conformal option?