unwrap noob question


I have a cube and want to UV unwrap it . Then I want to export the UV image and in photoshop paint it and then imort it back to blender and place it on the cube.

How do I do this?

ok I found out I make the mesh, edit it and select all vertices . in mesh tools panel ->UV mapping and mark seam then unwrap.
i look at UV view and see the net.
I then can export it .
I color it in photoshop and I can open image from bottom tab in UV. I can see it .

My question is i dont know which side is facing up in the net of an image

When you use the term “net” do you mean the uv editor?

Concerning the “up” part, when you created your UV layout in the first place, did you not know what faces were where on its UV layout? Unwrap your cube, and then move your layout around so that it makes sense - it’s not possible to paint anything except random color if you don’t know what part f the mesh you are painting.

My question is i dont know which side is facing up in the net of an image

It depends on how you unwrapped it. There is no ‘This faces up’ button. Select a few faces and see where they are on your mode to check. You can adjust the uv positions of vertices in the image editor just like in the 3d view so you can rotate 180 degrees if its upside down.

a net is the unwrapped image in the UV editor. how do i select faces to check where they are?

if i subdivide the cube a few times I get dozens of small squares on the net and i have no idea what side is where?

A net is not the unwrapped image in the uv editor. Images can’t be unwrapped. You mean the unwrapped mesh. The result of unwrapping a mesh is a UV layout. Use this term instead of net. You may continue to use “net” of course, but no one will know what you mean.

Try this tutorial:

yes i mean unwrapped model.
the model i have is a house (simple cube) with a door (2 vertices taken out) . I want to paint the model in photoshop.
when i unwrap the model i have a lot of triangles and no sense of a the 5 sides and 1 side with a door. i cant paint all these small shapes in photoshop that combine to make a number of sides?

Did you watch the tutorial I suggested? That is the answer.

I watched the video and saw the cube (my PC cant play the sound). The cube was not sub divided which is my question. The exported UV map is a lot of small squares,triangles which somehow make up a house shape. I cant paint each piece individually. I am a beginner and I am trying to find the answer on google.

The answers is SEAMS. Use live unwrap in last blender, mark seam(ctrl-e)-unwrap , mark seam-unwrap, … until the uv islands are satisfying. If you get too much distortions try conformal unwrap and if nothing works select faces by groups (by hand) and proyect from view in an ortographic view.

If the shapes are simple you can use smartUV unrwapping method and see results (it can make a lot of tiny islands though).

The only problem is when you have complex shapes, then you have to use more seams to avoid distortions. One good trick is to align UVs and use pinning, but you won’t need that to unwrap a figure that simple.

You should have watched the whole thing. He unwraps a monkey head (Suzanne). Oh well, that’s the answer. I tried.

Take a look at this tutorial


This is for an older version of Blender but the basics are the same. Latest version of Blender i.e 2.57b unwrap options varies from this but the main options are the same.