Unwrap out of image boundaries?

I have a very thin and very long mesh that i want to UV map. After putting the “Seams” the UVunwrap works very good, except at the edges, where it bends the shape to stay inside the picture boundary.
Is there a way of turning off this behaviour, allowing to unwrap out of the boundaries?

Thank you very much!

Hello MADCello, what’s up?

I don’t know if this will work, but is the option “Layout clipped to image size” turned on in the “UVs” menu in the UV/Image Editor window? If it is, try to turn it off and unwrap again.

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Olá Bellboy :slight_smile:

I never have that option activated (the only thing “Layout clipped to image size” does is to keep vertices inside the image boundary. Try to scale vertices with that option activated and they do not go outside image).
The behaviour is attached to Unwrap, unfortunatelly.

Any workaround?

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I’ve find Unfolder script, that does almost what i want!

Thank you to this comunity!:slight_smile:

Ehehe, i tried to unwrap a sphere with that option turned on and off, and some UVs would go outside the boundary with it off (yeah, it’s off by default).
Even so, good to see that you solved your problem :smiley:

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