Unwrap problems

I have created bodysuit for DAZ’s Vicky 3 and I’m stuck with uv unwraping. I symply cant get symetrical uv for my suit.
Here are the previews:

Suit seems:

Anyone knows why those legs are in such a mess? What am I doing wrong with those seems? Any suggestions how to fix that?

The seams are OK actually. Are you using the Conformal mapping option, or is it the Angled Based option for the unwrap? Either wya, you will still need to PIN some verts and recalculate the unwrap in order to get it perfectly symettrical. It never unwraps perfect the first time.


This is angle based unvraping. Conformal gives even vorses results :frowning:
I have tried with pinning and moving pinned verts but every my atempt to make good UV’s are failed. Well almost, If I make more seems (that wil create more uv regions), I can get more symetrical results. It’s hard to determine witch vertices to pin because unwraping goes wild in most cases :frowning:

First of all, that’s very high res mesh you’re unwrapping - if it’s possible to unwrap a lower res version (i.e. before subsurf is applied) that would be much easier.

You may also need to experiment a bit with seam placement to see what works, but as for pinning, I usually pin on the extremities and corners, and that tends to work for me. I’d start by pinning here, turn on UVs-> Live unwrap transform, and tweak away into a more symmetrical form, adding more pins as needed to control distortions:


Thanks for an advice about unwraping lower res mesh. Actually, I have concidered to do that but I whas a litle lazy :o I have already created a bunch of morphs for that suit and then, dumb horse as I am :mad:, I have realised that I have forgot to make UV map. So I’ve wanted to avoid recreation of them and wanted to make UV map of finished suit. Anyhow, I have created perfectly symmetrical UV map with separated sleeves and trousers.
But I still want to create uv map with only one part.
Well, there’s nothing else left except to keep trying :slight_smile: