unwrap shows only a part of mesh


I am really sorry to disturb with a stupid problem I met.

I am new with Blender. When I unwrap the character I designed, I get only a few faces visible in the UVimage editor pane although all are selected in the 3d viewport in edit mode.
Those faces are probably the one I added to “close” the character’s head (for some reason I had a hole that I closed adding faces one by one and then checked to remove doubles). Maybe it’s a coincidence.

And there is more: If I use the “c” mode (c + left clic) over “empties” area in the UV image editor (not in island mode), I can select faces that get activated in the 3d viewport (edit mode) !

I have other problems with unwrap and this mesh. For example, once I create a new image or use an existing one as a UV, the meshes in the UVimage editor doesn’t show up at all.

When I do all this process with the monkey figure I have no problem.

Could you have a look to my blender file and tell what’s wrong ?

Thank you very much.

Blender 2.7.4 Mac OS X 10.10.3

mexicain3.blend.zip (160 KB)

Turn off ‘UV Local View’ option