Unwrap Smart Projections

I am testing Baking with multi object scene. When there are lots of object to be unwrapped and baked, “Unwrap Smart Projections” is the quick and dirty technique to get the job done fast. However the baking result is not promising. The baked image borders are coming out too sharp and some of the edge pixels are leaking over. Look at my screen shot: there are dark lines on the edges around the Gate structure. In itself it is not too bad but when you start to mouse look around, those lines flicker on and off.

Is there a way to avoid this with unwrapping setting? Or do I need to Subsurf the crap out of every object to make the edges round? Going back in and painting all corners is a lot of work as well. Any other method?


Have you tried increasing the island margin in the smart unwrap settings.

I will test that. Thanks Richard.

Oh well I did this and that. Nothing gave me result that gave me what I wanted. Finally I just UV it manually. That was the cleanest one so far. I managed to texture paint wooden crate as well. I learned a lot from this one.