Unwrap tool not functioning

Hi all. I’ve a big fan of the unwrapping tools in blender. I use it in professional and personal work. I’ve brought a new computer since but to my dismay, the unwrapping tool simply does not work. When I press U, nothing happens, when I select it in the menu, nothing happens. Just to be clear, it is as if I’ve the button hasn’t been pressed. I’ve tried switching from comformal to angle based uving to no avail. Nothing happens :S

I’m using the latest version (2.65) at the moment and everything else seems to be in working order… Although, I must confess that I mainly use blender for it’s unwrapping tools. At work, I’ve been using the 2.55 beta (64) version and it has been great. I know it’s not the model that’s causing the issue as I’ve tried it on both systems. I use win 7 for both systems, both systems have Nvidia gfx cards… (Probably not much of an issue but clutching at straws). I’m wondering if I’m missing a plugin or a driver etc.

Any help on this issue would be much appreciated.

What do you actually mean when you say it’s not working ? Is it just that you don’t see any unwrap in the UV/Image Editor window ?
Do you see a new UV map created in the Object Data panel ?
If you have the UV/Image Editor window set to Render Result delete it

Hi Richard. Thanks for the quick response. The problem is that I see my uvs. All the other tools seem to work, I can select uv islands, verts etc. Straighten then etc, but can’t get the unwrap function to work. I have all the seams in correct places, and it does work as I’ve tried it on my work computer… So I’m pretty confused.

Below, I have an example from work. As you can see, in this particular result, I’ve got it working, but that’s on my work computer. But on my home computer, if I press the unwrap button, nothing happens.


Attach your blend file so it shows the problem when the Unwrap button or U is pressed. All the image shows is an unwrapped mesh and UV options visible, just what you would expect it to do, not any problems.

What do you mean by not working ? If you delete all the UVs from the object and you unwrap what happens? Your attached blend should show this.

Ah… Bit embarrassing. I think I’ve found out the problem. It’s with the exporter on my end. My exporter has been wielding the seams that I’ve been putting in…

Thanks for the help!