Unwrap - uv map all flaten to the left

Hi Everybody,

Whatever I put in that object, when I unwrap, all the uv map is flattened to the left. I tried removing everything and putting only Suzanne in it and that doesn’t solve the issue. While with Suzanne as a new object everything is ok. I tried appending objects to a new file with no results and looked for differences between the two suzannes but I can’t find the solution.

Here is the .blend. I unwrapped to let u see how the uv map looks like.

I would prefer to know where the problem comes from but if not possible,
at least, it would be good if I could find a way to take back suzanne from the object to unwrap it normally.

Thank you in advance.

In object mode use Ctrl+A / 1 to reset the scale values to 1
The scale value for your original object for the z axis is 0.002
Press N to show the Transform Properties window to show your objects size and scale etc.


Thank you very much Richard, it’s great, I was searching for many days.