unwrap...with matching uvs

ok, im pretty dissatisfied with blender unwrapping facilities… perhaps I dont understand how to use them…???

every unwrap, with seams, on a model that has one side mirrored gives nothing but crap!

Meaning the halves dont match… and the uvs in the uvface select window dont match the ones in the uv edit window…

so you have to go though 2000 faces and swap two vets to match the uvface window…!!!

what the ______ is up with that?:eek:

there must be a better way? please explain

thank you

well you can Pin the equal/opposite verts on your unwrapped object, then you can move them to the equal and opposite area of the UV image.

Viola, a symmetrical UV map.

BTW Blenders unwrapping feature is second to no commercial software. It is currently the leader in the industry. doesn’t mean its perfect, but it is the easiest there is.