Unwrap with pixel snapping?

Hi all.

Looking for a way to force the automated UV unwrap functions to always be aligned to pixels without having to move the UV around manually.

Basically, anything smaller than a pixel in size should always be stretched up to a full pixel.

The way the unwrap works by default (as you probably know) is that it averages in a 0 to 1 range. This creates islands and parts that are less than a pixel in width, or fall between pixels, which is a big issue.

As it stands, the automated process is OK for texturing purposes, but really not ok for anything else.

I’m looking for a way to avoid having to spend an extra 30 min to align/edit each UV so that it doesn’t cause errors in different programs.

Is there anything that does this already im just not aware of, or do I have to script my own custom unwrap to achieve this?

I think if you select snap to pixels in the UV editor it will make it automatically for you. Am I wrong? You just need to select your desired way of snapping, unwrap the model and in the editor just select all the islands and move it just a bit. One pixel is enough and all the vertices will be snapped to the pixels the way you selected. You don’t need to move each vertex.

Actually, i just have tested right now and after unwrapping you just need to press G int the Uv editor window and all the vertices will automatically snap to pixels.

Well no.
Unfortunately the unwrap always include areas that are sub 1 pixel (on a small size texture, if you unwrap in 8k or larger it could work).
When you move or even just hit G the areas below 1px overlap, which is the problem.