Unwraping a simple House.

Can someone give me a few pointers on how to unwrap simple house ?
Here is my progress :


As you can see, my UV map is a mess, but i choose not to use the other options such as smart UV as i want to gain better knowledge of how to unwrap mutiple sorts of objects.

I added a seam where all the new materials must go, but the UV is still a mess, there is a tutorial on BlenderCookie but it’s way to long and my internet is Capped.

Appreciate and comments.

Blendercookie did a tutorial on uv unwrapping a building, you might get some tips from it -

It doesn’t look like you have a seam on any ove the vertical edges of the house. Also trying a seam along an edge of that center triangular surface on the roof might make your roof unwrap flatter.

Attached is one way to unwrap. I’ve left the door because it needs to be remade, it’s too much of a messy mesh to bother to fix. With the unwrap you can overlay similar pieces to maximise the screen layout for the important areas


House_1 (1).blend (881 KB)

Hey thanks @Richard.
Just a few questions,

  • Are there any more sites showing intermediate tutorials and such ?
    I checked out the wiki and i know the besics of UV maps and UV unwrapping.
    The only problem i’m facing is where to place the seam so that i get even straight quad based Unwraps.

-Also the snap tool, where is the setting to snap it to Edges and such ?
I only see the Active/Closest ect setting ?

Appreciate any feedback.