Unwraping a snake Corrcetly...

Hey so just playing around and i can’t seem to unwrap a snake correctly.

Here is the unwrap


I’m happy with the head but the body is just not great, so anyway i can clean them up ?

As you can see, i added a seam to sepperate the head from the body.
But that can create UV seams that show up.

How can i unwrap the snake effectivly to export to unity ?

Appreciate any help.

Sometime the follow active quads can give good results for cylinders-like models, but not in that case as it would stretch the faces, creating lot of nasty distortion once texture is applied.

As an alternative, adjusting the size of the island manually, you can already obtain some rather acceptable result.
By example, testing with this texture :

You take advantage of it being very nicely seamless

Though you’ll need a separate texture if you’re using that method, basically this snake would have 2 textures, one for the body as shown, and one with eye+mouth interior+teeth+tongue