Unwraping multiple faces as separate islands

I’m trying to figure it out how to unwrap whole mesh (it’s a subdivided plane ) in a way that every face will be individual island, and then stretch all islands individually to fill whole image. Saying it other way, how to apply single image to every face individually, but automatically, doing it manually by unwrapping single faces is very time consuming.
Final effect will be similar like using tree generator, when each of hundreds of leaves has the same uv map and you can apply one leaf image to all of them.
Till now I’ve only managed to Unwrap plane (using seam) to individual island, but it’s still not enough as I haven’t found way to fit all island to image bounds individually, doing it manually is still tons of work.

You haven’t shows us waht you specifically have or want to achieve, but if you want to add an image to every face you can just add the default UVs without unwrapping

Thanks !

This is exactly what I wanted to achieve, can’t believe I missed that option.