Unwrapped mesh not being displayed in UV window?

So I am in edit mode, select my mesh and click on unwrap but the UV window doesn´t show anything. In object data under UV Maps however, there hes been added an UV map after I licked on unwrap. Any quick solution to this?

If you as showing the ‘Render Result’ delete it

Did you mean the Browse image to be linked tab? If so I erased the render Result, unwrapped it again and its still not being displayed in the Uv window.

Not enough information. Upload the file.

Here it is - http://www.pasteall.org/blend/29785 You can see that the cube has a UV map but it is not being displayed unwrapped in the Uv map window even though I unwrapped it.

As Richard said, you need to get rid of the Render Result currently showing in the UV editor. Hit the x next to it in the header menu. You also need to be in Edit mode to see the UV layout.

Got it thanks! Seems to be working now : )

I sometimes get tripped up with this if no image is loaded in the image browser, I’ve not done this enough yet to stop forgetting that sort of thing. :-p

Yep! Glad I’m not the only one. I don’t do a lot of UV unwrapping - try to keep things procedural as much as possible. I have countless times UV unwrapped only to go to the Image Editor and be like “why isn’t it there?!” 2.49 and earlier would show you the UV map as soon as you unwrap so it still causes confusion with me. Old habits die hard.