Unwrapped UV/baked texture but now it appears blurry?

Hey everyone, I made an object which I have already textured using it’s current UV map however I wanted to change the layout of the UV, so I unwrapped it and tried baking the texture to the new layout, it all works fine, the only problem is the texture now appears blurry, the only way I’ve found to resolve this is by re-sizing the new image I create after unwrapping. This would be all well and good, only now the texture image is TOO big to upload where I want.

Is there a way to maintain the original texture size without causing blur, or a way to resize both the uv with the texture, without it all being misplaced on the object? :slight_smile:

Your unwrap should use as much texture space as possible.
If the original used up 80% of the area and the new unwrap only 40% then obviously you’ll need a bigger texture size to have the same number of pixels for actual texture. Less pixels will have less detail.

Yes, I tried re-sizing the texture and the quality remained high, the issue then though is that the texture file itself is too large in scale to upload where I need it to be

Scale the UV map instead of the texture?

I’m having a similar problem. I’ve unwrapped my mesh in portions so I could assign different textures to different parts, or scale the uv map to increase the tile of my texture. When I bake the results are blurry.

So like the original poster you’re not going to show anyone anything. The more useful info you supply the greater the chance someone may be willing to help you.

My apologies for the bad forum etiquette.

So here is one of my meshes. Normals are flipped to face inwards.
It’s one mesh but, only until I successfully get what I need baked. Then I will break them up to be used as dungeon building pieces. I just wanted them to share the same uv maps. I have tried baking with smaller mesh but still get the blurry results.

I’ve spent a lot of time unwrapping this and that vertex group, scaling and aligning them just so, to achieve a small level of variation. For example the texture tiles more above the arch than it does the arch itself. Using the steps shown in a vid tut (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tj-S5QAac3U) I baked my textures. Everything worked well for the most part. But my bake results are very poor quality. See for yourself. http://i.imgbox.com/wChklsit.png The bake resulted in blurry textures.

I have considered it was the size of my mesh but this proved not to be the case when I tried the same process with a smaller one.
I have considered it was the size of the brick texture (1024x1024) but got the same blurry results using a smaller tile (256x256 or something).

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.