unwrapping a box

Hi all

I guess this is a simple question… I’m trying to unwrap a box with different edge sizes. When I unwrap it the faces in the uvmap doesnt seem to respect the relative sizes of the faces. I would like them to have the same relative sizes as in my 3d model. How can I do this?

The key point does not seem to be in the seams…

Thanks in advance!



Which unwrap option are you using? I tested a similar shape using seems and regular Unwrap, also same shape using smart projections and they both come out fine.

No, no, no!!! wait, the problem was not in the unwrapping concept!!! The problem is that I scaled the box in OBJECT MODE, not in the EDIT MODE. Once you transform the box in the EDIT MODE everything goes straight forward!!!

Thanks anyway and sorry that I’m still learning all this concepts, jeje


Ah, that will do it. You can always use Ctrl-A in object mode to apply scale. This should fix the unwrapping.