Unwrapping a brick texture on a lighbull?

Hi i’m trying to unwrap a brick texture on a lightbull. The problem is that i can’t get the result that i want. That is what i can get:

And that is what i would like to get:
Is it possible to have the same resut on the lightbulb? and if the answer is yes, how exactly?

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Have you UV unwrapped the bulb properly. You’ll probably need to unwrap cylindrically to get the result you are after.

So after a feew hours looking up on the internet i manage to get this result

not perfect at all but i think with more learning i could get it more precise. Yes i have it uv unwrapped with a seams and by using "follow active quads"at moment . Have you have any tips to fix the top part? it is a bit to much stretch out. It could be a mesh geometry problem? Thanks

I suggest that you check out the TexTools addon for Blender.

This is what i have with cylinder unwrap:

If i do cylinder projection i get this

I don’t have a seam marked, you have. try without seam mark.

if done it without seam. Maybe the problem is in mesh geometry. I make the lighbulb starting from a uv sphere so maybe that could be the problem

If i reset the unwrap and look at the brick texture i notice this

The texture is messed up in the upper part where i have not modified the sphere. On the bottom part where i have done the extrusion and scale to match the reference image i was using, the texture is the way i want it . So i think that there is a problem in the mesh. Correct me if i’m wrong or help me if i’m right

with cylinder projection you need to be in a front (or left, right…) and orthogonal view

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Damn i’m such a newbie to uv unwrapping :joy: i didn’t knew that view is important for a good unwrapping! My bad sorry for wasting your time on such a basic thing. Thank you so much btw :pray:

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