Unwrapping a seamed simple cube results in stretching


I never understand why unwrapping a simple rectangular cube like in the picture results in UV’s that have the wrong proportions? Why does Blender stretch the aspect ratio of the faces in the original mesh when it puts them in the uv window?

This stretching makes texturing hard because I have to try to guess the amount of stretch in my uv-map. I know I could use the project from from view option to remove all stretching, but that feels like a massive overkill for such a simple object. I would hate to have to go around all the sides of this cube in order to project each face from the right angle.

Here is a picture of what I mean by streching/wrong proportions:

Always reset your objects scale back to 1 for each axis with Ctrl+A / scale in object mode before unwrapping. You probably scaled in object mode rather than in edit mode so your axes have different scale values. For non organic objects it is usually best to change the unwrap method from Angle Based to Conformal (from the Toolshelf after you have unwrapped)

Oh wow, thank that did the trick! This really helps me a lot, thank you very much!