Unwrapping a Ship Hull

Having a little bit of trouble making a clean uv map of a ship hull. I haven’t had much uv mapping experience beyond unwrapping a barrel and the basic cube/sphere so I guess this is kind-of a leap… Here are two wireframes of the model, can anyone help?

Here’s the Blend file

Uhm so what is it you want now? That we unwrap your screenshots?

Just set seams as if it was a paper cutout model and use unwrap. Blender does a fine job unwrapping, averaging islands, mimizing stretch and packing the layout.

If you want to learn by studying you´ll have to post the blend with the mesh.


Sorry, I guess I should have been more clear. I’ve tried unwrapping it already and manage to get the deck flat but I didn’t know where to mark the seams to get the rest of it to unwrap nicely.

So I guess I would like to learn by studying. Is that asking for too much?

If you post the blend I set you example seams, if not, well…

unwrapping is an art of itself. I guess the best 2 pointers are:

  1. Set seams where they will not be noticed or are less likely to be noticed
  2. imagine the model a cutout papermodel and unfold it in thoughts.

For your ship, I´d cut the bottom of the belly in lenght. It will most likely be under water and not seen that there is a cut.
Then I´d cut upwards either at the middle of the back and/or the front. I guess you already have seams around the deck. So the belly of the ship will either unwrap into 2 halfs, or it will open like a book around the back or the front depending where yo set your cuts.
You could also just cut open the front and back and open it up like a book around the bottom.

I updated the OP with the blend file yesterday. Tried marking the seams and unwrapping. First attempt turned up a lot of nothing. There are a lot of holes in the uv map where a fourth vertices falls onto an edge.

Second attempt I made a seam to separate the railing section from the hull siding and the deck. Also made seams on each deck ramp. This probably won’t look great with so many visible seams but I wasn’t sure how else to do it… There are still holes or misplaced vertices in the other unwrapped portions though.