Unwrapping and light bounce

Hey, I’m trying to bake some lightmaps (or something resembling them) using Blender’s neat ‘bake’ feature. I have come across three problems, though.

  1. Is there a way to simulate light bounces (so that light can get to some of the darker spots and illuminate them, eliminating the harsh black shadows I get when baking light)?
  2. Is there a way to unwrap a model like using the ‘box’ or ‘smart unwrap’ option so that the islands don’t overlap?
  3. How do I assign a 2nd UV layout (so I can have both the lightmap UVs and normal UVs in the model)?

Sorry if those have been answered somewhere I forgot to look, I’m kinda new.

For smart projection you shouldn’t get overlapped islands. You can increase the island margin in the unwrap settings.

To create a 2nd uv layout select New in the Mesh panel in edit mode

But could you tell me where to look for those in Blender 2.5?

The smart projection options are at the bottom of the tool panel (T) once you have selected U / smart project.
New UV maps are added in the properties window under object data

I did find the UV maps window but the Smart Projections options are not showing up for me. The last thing in the tool panel I have is the Mesh Options, even though I have just applied smart projection. Any idea why that happens, or rather does not happen?