Unwrapping and scaling advice.

I’ve recently just started with images and wrapping meshes. I’m having a few problems but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of things.

The biggest problem I have is finding images of a high enough resolution. I have a couple of images I want to use which are 2000x5000+ and I wouldn’t say the objects are complicated, but rust very quickly turns into marble when it’s stretched. Everything seems to turn into marble when it’s stretched!

I guess the answer is to break the objects into small bits, or have more joins and cover them with more objects, but I hadn’t taken that into consideration when I started this model. Also it’s very easy to repeat parts of the image and end up with a Wolfenstein asset!

I’ve tried to find a solution to rust without using an image, but every youtuber I’ve found that says “Rust with nodes only” starts by loading an image file. Which technically is a node, but I could really do with a solution that doesn’t use an image at all. I’m sure this is very possible and I need more practice.

If anyone knows of a link to creating rust without an image please pass it on.

Thank you.

context please. screenshots.

2000x5000 is out of wach, you want to use a 1x1 texture. usually 2k is high enough. if u want REALLY fine detail, go 4k.

there are 100 ways to make rust, again, context. so explain what you are actually doing.

best to use P.O.T. textures like 2048^2 or 2048X4096

I’ll try to send up a screenshot tomorrow, it’s currently midnight and I don’t have the model on this laptop.

Could you link a couple of the rust ideas? I am quite new to the nodes, I’m sure when I get used to them I’ll be able to work wonders, but at the moment I have no idea what works with what, and how.