unwrapping and texturing

hey guys,
i made a really awesome troll yesterday. And i’de like to make it extremely realistic.
So i’m pretty much done with the model. And the rigging won’t be a problem.
What i need help with is the texturing. I’m pretty good at texturing but i want to unwrap it and then fix the texture up in Gimp so that the troll can have some rough parts and some smooth parts (such as the belly). I think i understand HOW to do the unwrapping and texturing thingy.
But i don’t know how to do it specifically step by step.
So could someone please give me some step by step instructions on how to do so?

  1. Add seams to your model (select edges and press Ctrl+E, Mark Seam)
  2. Open an UV editor
  3. In edit mode select all and press U and the Unwrap
  4. Adjust your UV’s in the editor
  5. Use the script to export to an image
  6. Use gimp or whatever to paint your textures
  7. Set the model a material and load the image as a texture and mapped to UV coordinates.

okay thanks. That helped me a lot.
i just need to know one more thing.
How do i make the texture so that when i put it back on the mesh, the edges will blend together instead of being choppy?

really need help guys.

You mean the seams?
Well you have many options. You can download a new SVN blender with project paint compiled and paint over the seams on realtime on the viewport.
Just select your object, go into paint mode and in the UV editor find a button that enables painting. Now you can paint in the viewport. To hide the seams you can use the clone tool or do it manually. Look at the panel buttons (F9) while you’re on painting mode, you have lots of options…