unwrapping circles as straight lines?

i’m trying to unwrap a hat and its circular brim.

i mark the seams on the outside of the area i want and mark a seam down the middle of them. i thought this would make it a long straight rectangle, but it unwraps it like this.

i know i can align the lines on an axis, but sometimes that causes it to overlap and be all messy.

is there a way to automatically make circular uvs into straight lines when you unwrap?

Select the row of faces in edit mode, Unwrap and Reset, and in the UV Image Editor, choose UVs> Pack Islands, and then in 3d view choose U> Follow Active Quads and choose length


thanks a lot! that worked great!

Your comment saved my day and that of another 8 years down the line. Thank you.

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thank you !! works great in 2021

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