Unwrapping common faces on to a single area of the texture?

Hi. I’m new to Blender and I’m currently learning about unwrapping.

I wish to digitally paint a texture for something I’m making and I’ve come across a major slow down in my work flow.

When I have unwrapped a section of my model, that has many identical faces, I wish all of those faces to map to the same location on the UV wrap.

Here is an example, the outlined 10 sections are the unwrapped faces but I wish for all 10 of them to be positioned on the one that has been painted.

(Note: Red lines were drawn on manually as I was in photoshop at the time, so they won’t look perfectly identical)

I wish to do this to massively save on texture space as for what I want, there is no need for me to have 10 separate painted faces, when they can all share the same one.

I had unwrapped them using seams separating all major sections, then one seam to split it down the middle. This gave a great unwrap, until I realised this. I manually tried to rotate and move each face to exist on the same location, which has worked however it took forever.

I figured there must be a better way to achieve what I’m after?

Select the faces you want, press U for unwrap, then reset. Now all the faces are overlapping. Use some selection method that chooses all overlapped UVs, or pick the shared location mode, and drag each cluster of overlapped UVs to arrange them appropriately on your texture. Took longer to type this than it would to do this for your model! Good luck!

Thank you so much, DruBan. I hadn’t thought about trying the Unwrap menu as I’m a little wary when unwrapping as I don’t want to ruin the unwrap I am already happy with!

May I ask a similar follow up question? What if I want to do something similar but with identical groups of faces?


When I unwrap my sword’s blade, I get two identical unwraps, only one is flipped in the X axis. After I flip the X axis, it is not rotated the same. So again, I have to manually rotate/move it. This doesn’t take too long as there’s only two to line up. I can picture needing to do this with more matching parts in the future though.

Would this be a case of outlining every part with a seam, selecting them all and doing reset again? Or does that only work for individual faces?

scale in UV editor: S, X, -1. in island mode drag and align the two islands, or to be precise you can snap them to the same place maybe to the cursor, shift S.