Unwrapping complex objects

Can someone give me advice on how to unwrap complex models?
I created a med-poly model - I know low-poly is better - for my game, but I don’t know how to unwrap it
I’ve done many object unwrappings, but on more simpler and less vertecies models. Can someone help me with this one?

ScarUW.blend (149 KB)

I’ve already done the clip and scope and stand. I just need to do the body


On difficult objects, I prefer to manually isolate the more complicated areas, which I save as vertex groups. Then I can reselect them and unwrap them, usually by moving the camera to a flat-on view and using project from view. Then the result can be moved to the side of the UV map.

I then hit “H” to hide those faces, so I can see what’s left.

Vertex Groups let’s you organize the problem. Using the select and deselect buttons in the Vertex Groups panel, you can turn on or off each (or all) items (areas) on the UV map to make a nice layout at the end.

The attached JPG is a before and after of how an area was unwrapped originally and how I re-did it.


Interesting method. What I’ve done is for more complex objects was just to use “Mark Seam” and isolate all the protruding parts, then break down the main body if needed. I would then select the “isolated” parts and unwrap and use “p” to pin the vertices to the black layout so when I re-unwrap them, they will stay. I’m just wondering if your way is better than my way.

I ask for another way because of the many strange shapes I get when I unwrap any of my isolated “meshes”. every one of them is too strange for me to even fathom how to solve it.

I will try your way, as it looks very professional and cool :slight_smile:

Ok I got done most of it…My main problem still remains…how to do the top grill. it always gets messed up too much to make out what goes where…how did you overcome that problem?

Part of my method does include naming the areas. The top grill is little boxes - each has a top, side, front, back. Now if they are all going to be the same color, but different than the rest of the mesh, then just select them all, make them a Vertex Group (“Top Grill”) and it doesn’t matter how you unwrap them - they can even be on top of one another on your map - they will take the material of the map, they don’t see each other. In other words, if all those little boxes are to be the same material on all surfaces, you don’t need to map them out in any organized and separated way.

But let’s say you wanted all the tops one color, all the fronts another, etc. Then you would select all the fronts and make a group of them and unwrap them, using perhaps Smart UV Project, since you can’t get a flat-on view separating all the fronts. Then you would select all the tops, group them and unwrap them using an ortho top Project from view, etc.

Individually selecting, grouping, and naming all those faces will take 5 minutes or so, but if that’s your design plan (different materials for top, front, back, etc of each little box), then that’s what you have to do.