Unwrapping Complex Shapes/Figures

Relatively new to Blender, but excited to learn the most efficient ways around the program:

I created a cone figure with a smaller, boolean cone, subtracting from the base…forming a skirt shape. I added small divets around the cone, creating a wave-like pattern on the skirt, so it waves in and out.

Anyways, I would like to add a texture to the skirt, but unwrapping it seems not to be working at all. Any ideas to unwrap complex shapes?

you should avoid booleans for this sort of thing. here is how to do it without booleans ( it should unwrap correctly if you do it this way too ). :
a) add a circle ( not filled ) this will be the waist
b) extrude downward to make the base
c) select every other vertex ( or more depending on how you want it to come out ) and hit S for scale, and scale outwards a bit to create the pleats.
d) use the loop cut tool ( ctrl r ) to make multiple loop cuts along the length, so it’s more net like.
e) give it a solidify modifier and set the values, then apply the modifier
f) select the top row of faces and extrude up a bit to make the waist
…now to UV unwrap:
a) select an edge loop running through the length of the mesh ( inside and out ) and press ctrl E ( mark seam )
b) now select a bottom edge loop, and make another seam. repeat with one of the top edge loops
c) press U >> unwrap

Not sure if you’re still keeping an eye on this thread, but a trick I use for getting the kind of UV unwrap I want is to use shape keys to deform the mesh into the shape I want it in the UV map and then Project From View.


I actually did the UV unwrap on ( the head of ) the original make-human model using that method. there was a lot of ‘smooth vertex’ key. It’s a good method, but I haven’t really used it since we got LSCM.