Unwrapping Cylinde UV

Just want to unwrap a simple cylindrical object and this is the result:

I’ve done this with and without end caps and I still get a distorted or skewed wall UV.

Since unwrapping other objects seems to work so well in Blender, I’m curious why it has a problem with doing a proper UV set for a cylinder. Any suggestions?

(I can get this to work by moving and stretching the UVs, so I’m really looking for guidance to improve my understanding of Blender’s UVing capabilities. I’m used to using Modo which is very full featured and robust).

Ensure the scale value for each axis is 1
For non-organic objects you usually getter a better unwrap with the uv unwrap method set to ‘Conformal’ rather than the default ‘Angle Based’


The values are all at 1 but Still getting weirdness.

Where do I find the Unwrap methods (Conformal/Angle Based)? I’m using 2.62.

Found the settings :slight_smile:

I fiddled with these and am now getting MUCH better results. Thanks Richard for pointing me in the right direction - much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hello, I have this same problem, but i can’t see unwrap methods - (Conformal/Angle Based)? Where it is?
Blender 2.62

When you press U and select an unwrap method, do nothing else (or the settings would become unavailable) and look there :

Or press F6 to make those settings appear in a pop up window.