Unwrapping Goggles (Need Help)

Could someone please show me how to properly unwrap these goggles i made (No glass in them yet), so that any kind of texture i put on it won’t be obvious that it was a “bad UV map”. Right now, I put a basic Voronoi texture on it to see how bad the stretching really was and it’s pretty bad. I uploaded the .blend file to drop box, I didn’t know where else i could host it to be easily accessible for everyone. Here is a picture of the stretching issue. You will notice the grain just doesn’t “flow”. and I want it to flow.

Any kind of help would be very appreciative. (.blend bottom of post)

Link: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/8660490/Goggles.blend

was going to have a look for you but keep getting “blend couldnt be downloaded”

Weird. umm, where do people usually host blend files? I just threw it into my dropbox public folder.

You can upload .blend files (up to 30Mb in size IIRC) to PasteAll.org. However, I was able to download it from you dropbox.

Now for your issue. You can start by actually marking some seams (select edge(s), Ctrl+E -> Mark Seam) on your model and looking at results you get in the UV/Image editor after you unwrap your model. From what I could gather from your file, you just selected all faces and hit U->Unwrap. This is not going to work.

Here I intentionally disabled crease display so you could see some of the seams that I have marked (red lines). I’ve also enabled stretching display in the UV/Image editor so you could see the possible “problem” areas of the unwrapping. Use those settings often, they’re very helpful.
Now I’m not telling you that this unwrap is “proper”, or “perfect”, but you did ask to show you how to do it, not to do it for you (that would be for the other section of these boards anyway). I hope you will get the general idea from this picture and will be able to reach your goal.

Don’t forget to update your unwrap (you can just hit E when your mouse is over UV/image editor) after you add or remove seams.

As for where to mark the seams, think of two things:

  1. Where would you cut your model with scissors if it was made of paper to flatten it
  2. Where will your seams be less noticeable when you actually use your model for rendering/animation/whatever you intend to do with them

If all the above does not help, I’m sure googling for UV unwrapping tutorials in Blender will give you plenty of good results.