Unwrapping many small holes

Hey guys, I need a quick simple way to unwrap these holes…

I am going to add some dust to the bottom side of the holes here…

So ideally, is there a way to stack those particular part of the mesh together? Obviously this is a good example of needing to mark seams before using such an array and applying it, but I was wondering if there is a workaround?

You may get some success using select similar to isolate the polys you need. Don’t forget to make use of theF9 panel when using this as it can give you some tolerance as to the action. Just experiment with the various options.

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I would avoid thinking of those UVs as a texture coordinate, and rather as part of a mask.
Create a special purpose UV layout and select the UV channel.
Select face then select similar area. Create any UV layout you want.
Collapse all points in UV to a single point. Move the points to the left half of layout.
Invert selection, create UV, collapse to single point. Move points to right half of layout.
In the material, for top of holes, a mask can then be created using something like:
(Geometry normal.z>0) * (UV Layout.x < 0.5), * noise or something.

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Thanks for your help guys…

OK, I marked the seams easily enough in fact, creative select/deselect techniques. But now have a couple hundred small meshes, and I’d like to stack them all on top of eachother in UV Editor for mask painting ease (they will all have the same dust mask), what is the best way to do that you think?

If you start with a single hole mesh and mark your seams and unwrap first, then create a 2D array of holes and apply the array modifiers, you’ll end up with all your uv’s stacked the way you want them.

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