Unwrapping mesh in Blender?

Is there a way to unwrap mesh in Blender? Like in Maya or 3dsmax? I need to texture my F1 but I don’t know where to begin… if I had an unwrapped mesh it’d be much easier.

If unwrapping is hard in Blender, any idea how else I should texture my F1?


Use the latest Tuhopuu2. Unwrapping is a breeze. Also there is strubis unwrap script which I have not tried.

Tuhowhat? Could you tell me where I can get that?


Tuhopuu is the experimental version of Blender were features are added and tested prior to being released into the official builds.

You can get it over at blender.org.


The new testing builds of bf-blender include the new UV featuers too :wink:

If I ever learn to unwrap a mesh at all ill be happy.


Without Tuhopuu (sp), how would you do it in Blender 2.32? A trial-and-error basis or what?

BgDM, are you still working on that UV tut? I was thinking of starting back in on mine,…

Modron, I will be doing one, but not until the F1 challenge is over. I think I am going to pass up on the Machineflesh Challenge at CG Talk. Just too damned busy otherwise to get ti doen I think.

So yes, I will do it. But not for a little while.


Use the latest Tuhopuu2. Unwrapping is a breeze.

Modron, what type of unwrapping are you talking about in Tuhopuu2? Is is accessable the same way it is in 2.32. (Go into face mode for an object, press “u”) That one. If it is, the UV mapping all looks the same. Maybe I’m missing something, but what improvements in unwrapping does the Tuhopuu2 version have so far?


Jason Lin

There are no new unwrapping modes. Work will be done on that too, but it will take quite some time. Cylindrical unwrapping has become a bit easier. The most visible improvements are in the Image Window / UV editor. You can find the new tools are in the menus.

The new UV mapping features are in the latest bf-blender builds too.