Unwrapping Model

I have this can model which I’m having real trouble Unwrapping. I have marked a seam in a tone of different ways but I’m not able to get it to unwrap correctly.
I’m aiming to get the main faces (which basically make up the body of the can where the main part of the texture is going to be) all to be the same size and, if possible, all in a neat line so that I don’t need to move or re-size them. Because when I unwrap they turn out being scattered and being different sizes to each other.

I’ve attached the .blend for you to have a look at and tell me a good way to go about unwrapping this model.

untitled1.blend (484 KB)

Remove your double vertices with W / remove doubles and for the sharp edges at top/bottom of can side either use edge split modifier with those edges marked as sharp, or edge creasing on those edges or add additional edge loops close to those other edges.
Then you can add seams to cut off top and bottom leaving a clean unwrap for the middle section and the texture


untitled2.blend (89.4 KB)

I’ve also been known to make additional cut-away sections for places where the geometry is sharply curved relative to the nearby areas, such as might be the case in the “center ring” of the left circular area in post #2. Unwrapping sometimes really is an art.