Unwrapping more than one object

I finished a model in several different parts to it I want to unwarap as a whole. If i join the meshes that does nothing. if I select more than one object then go into UV face select that does not work either. Anyone know.


I do it one object at time. Unwrap one object, save the layout, and unwrap another using the saved layout as texture in uv editor. Don’t forget to name your the UV layer in every object equally.


I was trying to solve this problem some time ago, see some posts in matter:

My final solution was to use new feature “Separate by Material” - http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Release_Notes/Notes243/Mesh_Editing

So short tutorial is:

  1. give own separate colour to all you objects (meshes) you want have for one UV map
  2. join this objects (Ctrl-J)
  3. now create your UV map (no overlapping of course) - you can export it and paint in Gimpshop for example
  4. when you are satisfied just use hotkey P and separate by material your meshes that were joined only for clear one UV map where their UV coordinates do not overlap
  5. now you can delete colours used for separation and check whether all separated meshes was assigned one some UV map.

(Using colours for mesh parts distinction for UV mapping is also quite common in other 3d packages.)

I hope it helped;)


Before I read your replies I tried joining the meshes again. This time it worked. I think doing it seperately is a good idea as well.