Unwrapping my dragon

I’ve been working on this dragon model far too long now, never seem to be pleased enough to actually texture the damn thing. Being fed up with this i decided to actually start trying to make a good unwrap for this model. The final model is going to be used in a short animation.

Now, my first question is. Should i have it subsurfed when i do the unwrap or just in its “raw” state ? Alot less faces to worry about if i have it without any subsurfing, so my guess that’s the best way to approach this. Threw the question out there just to get it confirmed though.

A few pics:

My texturing skills are really poor, so what im looking for is some tips n tricks on this model to make the unwrapping process easier. And maby a link to a semi-advanced unwrapping tutorial, done many of the lower level ones (Dice etc).

Would’nt mind some critique on the actual model aswell, since this is my first serious project in Blender.

aslong as you don’t apply the subsurf, you can leave it on and unwrap the model as if there was no subsurf.
here’s a tutorial on unwrapping suzanne, it explains most of what you need to know.

you might want to recalc normals outside, to get rid of the lines on the wings (unless they’re on purpose?) with ctrl-N

On a modeling note, the neck looks way too heavy to be supported by the body. You might want to make it thinner, and maybe a tad shorter.

You’ll want to use seams and probably the ABF++ uv unwrapping algorithm. Also, you should find some tutorials on how to do it.

Nice model by the way but some of your normals are wrong (the black lines), putting an armature on him to pose him wouldn’t hurt either.

I’ve rigged it a couple of times, aswell as fiddled with the physics engine to make the wings look like atcual wings when they flap. Gonna look through that UvUnwrapping Suzanne tut, havnt seen that one, cheers.

Yeah, since this is my first serious project i dont mind any C&C i can get.

nice one, i agree that the neck should be little thiner and maybe dragons tail too. good texturing should give him real nice look

From own experience: Best bet is to hide the places with flipping normals (if necessary anyhow.) The wings are a single plane, so necessarily you have inner faces, recalculating normals can’t work.

Modelling them as a (very thin) box is a PITA if you want to animate them, because it’s extremly difficult to prevent the two faces to penetrate each other.

Aye. Been there, done that, bought the T-Shirt. Never gonna try to make the wings a small box again, ill tell you that :). Going to rework the neck abit, also going to do some touch ups on the top part of the hind legs, looks abit funky.