Unwrapping not going as planned


New to the site, and so happy to discover that there is a help site like this out there. So far, I have been watching Youtube videos, some of which are actually pretty great.

I have an issue though, that I have not been able to resolve. I have created a folded comforter mesh for a game. While I normally use Lith Unwrap to successfully unwrap projects/objects enough to texture them and get them in game, this time I keep running into the issue that no matter how I unwrap it, the front, when textured, looks like one piece and not a folded-over fabric. I have tried texturing it as-is to give it that effect which I sometimes do rather than unwrap again and again, but this time I can’t figure out how, as I think in most of my unwrappings the front is nestled in somewhere. I have even tried selecting just the front (in this case the left side of the comforter) and unwrapping that separately, but then I get lost with what’s left.

Any suggestions, please?

If a moderator could please delete topic, I’d appreciate it. The Delete button says I don’t have deleting privileges. Thanks. I also read where I could flag it, but don’t see where. Thanks again.