Unwrapping Problem

Everytime I unwrap the selected faces and save it when I open the saved data this is what it look like http://www.savefile.com/files/1171109

For a good mapping tutorial see my topic here: ( may have to sign up - free )



That is not my problem. My problem is everytime I unwrap and save the UV layout this what happen http://www.savefile.com/files/1171109

Strange. What i do though is just take a screenshot of the layout and paste it into Photoshop/Gimp. Then paint over it. As long as your UV’s are ok in blender you’ll be fine. They only act as a guide to where to paint over anyway.

LOL, that is pretty ugly isnt it.

Ok, first off a little tut to help you post images here using BA’s image uploader. Its really fast and you dont have to do anything specital.

When you make a post, as I am here, you will see two buttons below the window? Click the one that says Go Advanced.

Now after that loads, scroll down towards the bottom and see where it says Attach Files? Just click the Manage Attachments button.

That opens a window, and in the top, click the browse button to browse your files and then the Load button, I think it is. I dont have that window open.

It only works for pictures, not .blends.

Now, when you unwrap are you unwrapping the whole object? Or are you unwrapping just the faces you want to paint?

The script that saves the uv map to a tga for you actually will use all the faces of the object. So, when you only unwrap some faces, you will see them, nice and neat, where you put them.

However, all the other faces you didnt unwrap, nice and neat, will just be poured all over the place.

Sometimes you can still use it, sometimes you just cant find your faces for painting.

One cheat I do, is to pin the faces I care about and select them all, and drag them off to the top. Then I do an unwrap on all the other face, and then select all, and drag them off to the side in a lump.

Then I go up and do a box select on the faces I care about and move then back into the square.

Now I run the script, and it works.

I hope that helps you, if not, remember you can always pm me.:wink: or give move info here…good luck.

I Still Need Some Help!!!

here are some pictures that follow what I tried to explain above:


Now look you can see the faces you want to paint in the center and the faces you dont care about are scaled down really, really small. You can scale them to the size of one vert if you want to really hide them.


It wont Unwrap!