Unwrapping produces weird polygons

I’m working on a model of a building. I marked seams around the four edges of the roof and in the vertical corners of the building (I’d prefer fewer seams, but for now…). I set the unwrap method to Conformal because I wanted the shapes of the UV polygons to respect the shape of the polygons in the model. When I unwrapped the mesh, I noticed that several of the polygons with 4 vertices in the model are depicted as having 3 vertices in the UV map. The large polygons on the building roof are notable examples. It does this whether I use the angle-based unwrap method or the conformal unwrap method. There are no duplicate vertices.

What am I doing wrong?

looks like you need to recalculate normals outside ( select all >> ctrl N in edit mode ) then re-unwrap.

Excellent! Thankyou!

This post is incredible:

  • The guy joined in 2009
  • His question was the 6th post and it was in 2013
  • Uses blender 2.49

i see nothing wrong with this. there are no rules that say you have to upgrade to each release, and clearly this is the first time he’s come across this issue.
or perhaps he spent the last 5 years trying to figure it out for himself, who knows?

I listened to a podcast not too long ago featuring an interview with bendansie, creator of sintel, and he shamefully admitted to still using 2.49 for pretty much everything. I guess a lot of people still use it. I used it for quite awhile after 2.5 came out, myself. I still use it for certain things, although not so much anymore.

2.49b is still a very solid and usable version of Blender.
While i was toying and learning with the 2.5x/2.6x serie so i wouldn’t get lost when i would finally move to it, i only really stopped to use 2.49b for anything serious when Bmesh and the new tools coming with it finally was implemented into Blender, those new tools have been making my modelling sessions easier.

But 2.49b remains a very capable version of Blender, especially with the 150 scripts bundle for it :wink:

I’ve dabbled in 2.5 a little bit, but quite frankly I don’t get stuck into Blender often enough to be bothered upgrading. I haven’t looked at 2.6 yet. And anyway, if it ain’t broke…

The old blender color scheme looks like Candyland on sick leave.