unwrapping question

When I do Face select, U, I dont see LSCM as an option. is it a nickname for one of the options or?

just choose ‘unwrap’
(edit) oh, and there is no UV face select mode anymore, just go into edit made and press U.

Thanks Modron
I use Face select in edit mode.

I have another question when I unwrap my mesh its mirroring the faces it never did this before is there a fix other then re-mirroring after I unwrap?

just select the first one of the list then, make other layers for uv map call call one front then one side and unwrap them from front and side onto each uv lay out…or you could go to cg cookie and watch projection paint and unwrapping tutorials there.

Yeah…I dont think that will help the mirror issue that has appeared.

NEVERMIND I fixed it. thanks anyway.