Unwrapping question

I got this house use model I am practicing with and I’m having trouble unwrapping. I followed tutorials and all and now seems I can do it on my own stuff :slight_smile:

Perhaps you can see what I do wrong?

Oh the model attached to this message I am trying to unwrap the inside front wall (the one with the windows. So I selected the edges all around it, marked seams and then unwrap. The result is every faces that make this wall gets unwrapped instead of 1 big face, just like it didn’t see those seams I made.

tryingtounwrap.blend (636 KB)

Hate to say - you’re not yet there concerning modeling. UVs show this clearly.
Consider end wall with windows being one plane with 2 rectangular holes in it. Add Plane in a new file and try using loopcuts Ctrl-R to make subdivisions such that you can delete 2 faces and get shape you would need. Use Blender’s snapping to vertices, edges and edge slide (e.g. GGx, GGy) to make holes fit window frames.

Add (File - Append) one window from file you have it in. In edit mode select edge loop around window Shift-D to duplicate and P to separate duplicated edges. Hide window in Object mode (h) and edit created edge loop: Duplicate, move apart so that it starts to look like your wall, select edges and F fill face between rectangles. Select upper edges and extrude up, do the same with bottom and sides - you will have properly modeled wall where your windows fit. Add Solidify modifier to the wall- you’ll get wall thickness which does not have loose vertices and inside faces. Check options on Solidify modifier: Even Thickness, High Quality Normals.

Now, when the geometry is fine, UV unwrap will do a proper job.

Oh I know i’m not there yet :). It’s a project to practice the things I lean. I’ll try that again today using what you told me.

Thanks for your input Eppo :slight_smile:

I redid the walls using planes this time and, hopefully I understood what you mean in the first part but I used loop cuts to divide it and moved my edges until it match the window size. Then deleted the 2 faces. I must say I got lost in the second part of your answer above but for the first part did I get what you meant?

tryingtounwarp2blend.blend (623 KB)

First part is ok as i read and look into file. Did you use Blender’s snapping to vertices or edges? By default snapping works on Grid increments which is far from optimal if you’re in detail modeling. See icon next to Magnet on the bottom of 3d window. Switch to verts and then while mouse drag some edge along axis push Ctrl button on kbd. Release mouse when you see vertex (or edge you move) jumping to vert close to where mouse cursor is. No need to switch Magnet on. If it’s on, snap using Ctrl is opposite: move and things snap, push Ctrl and move freely.

Second part: say, default cube in edit mode, you have selected face or edge. Shift-D will duplicate that which is bad… you get double vertices on the same spots. However if you now press P you get menu and can choose Separate - Selection. Now such face, edge(s) or verts are separate object. Finish editing object you were in and select part you separated, edit that.
For the windows - if you select border edges you get precise hole shape you need for a wall.

I used snapping edge. I just tried using ctrl while dragging it instead of pressing the magnet. It works great!

What I did was to put the windows along the front wall. Then, on front wall I made a few loop cut and moved those cuts until they snap to the edges of the window. That way I figured the face I create would be the same size. I then deleted the face.
Now I’ll try what you are saying to get a precise hole shape.

Thanks a lot for your help!

Hey, np, glad this did work for you. Now UVs seem fine, no surprises anymore ;)…